Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Multi-tasking maniac

Since I have such a small space to paint in (our spare room also has to function as my home office, guest room, and studio) I need to be extremely efficient. It also helps to have a couple projects going at once.

For that reason, I have a sort-of 2-tier thing going on with my easel. If I am standing, I can work on the drawing for a new 16 by 20 painting. If I am sitting, I can keep working on smaller studies... up to about 12 by 16 or so. Then, on the left, I have a still-life that is being tweaked.

Most of it is built from cardboard, painters tape, duct tape, and miscellaneous items I have around the house. There is nothing I like better than being resourceful!

If you have any of your own suggestions as to how you multi-task I would love to hear some new ideas!

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