Sunday, May 20, 2007

Theme: Hope

I had a hard time coming up with an idea right away since its such a generic non-descript topic. I was going to try and do a painting of Zoey when we first saw her at the shelter. There were all these chaotic barking dogs in the line of cages, but we came up to hers and she was just sitting there looking up at us hoping we'd take her out of there. But that would be too complicated to complete in 2 weeks.

So instead I just started some stream-of-consciousness writing or whatever they call it and this is how it went:

Hope: Mount Hope Bridge: where tim and I used to sit and stare at the water later at night: such a generic word: generic: generic like perscriptions?: birth control: we take for granted it will work: hope it will work: then again i hope someday i can stop taking it and can have kids

So the painting could have a number of meanings behind the word Hope

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