Monday, January 28, 2008

so I feel like my Etsy shop is stale. I really want to get some new work up there but am finding it hard to find the time to paint.

Roller Derby is taking up monday and wednesday evenings, and this past weekend was absolute craziness with my birthday party on saturday and then sunday i just vegged all day.

I have class on wednesday which gets me painting, so I am hoping that after class and before practice i can get some serious painting in. Maybe I should take like 3 days off to dedicate to it.

Here are my goals for the next couple weeks:

1. Create a new still life...painting directly from life using the new technique i learned in class called ghosting
2. Complete my latest custom painting order
3. Start a new painting in the Chubby series

Click here to see my stale Etsy shop

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