Thursday, February 19, 2009

my goodness!

I didn't realize I had already taken progress shots of "This Bitter Long Day." So I DO have something to post!

I am playing around with more of the graphic background, like I did with The Fisherman.
I have another session done on it but I thought it would be fun to share each progress shot.
The water is a challenge. I've found photos of water all over the internet that I'm using as a reference...which is helpful, since I can't paint in front of the ocean here during the Rhode Island winters.

As the painting develops, I am still not certain what the color scheme is....which makes it hard to progress. But as each layer goes on, I'll find a color I like for each element and go with it. I've never been one to obsess over the "right" colors...just ones that feel natural to me.

As a reminder, this is the photo I'm working from:

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Jaden Kai said...

I love the contrast between the detailed subject matter and the playfulness of the water. I like to mix real and very detailed images with distored/abstract so that appeals to me in your work. You make an otherwise average image come to life! Thank you.