Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Progress on new Chubby Painting

I have had 3 sessions total on this new painting. I really like how the water is coming out...the colors are not even close to what they'll be in the end. I just wanted to get some base colors in there to get the darks and lights in.
Photo after session 2:

I am not sure what I want to name this...but I have a couple I'm trying to decide between. Let me know what you think by voting!!!


Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Ah... he reminds me a lot of a heavier version of my dad... a retired Navy guy who loved the water and needed to be near it 'til the day he died... so I'd say, At the Shore. This title suggests the interpretation of the individual viewer...!

Ronnie said...

I'm lovin' how you're doing the water! Really unique treatment. Can't wait to see what comes next.
What a great subject. I like the Sharpeyed and Shameless pick or how about Far from Shore.

Jamie said...

I like "This Bitter Long Day". He seems like a no nonsense, hard working, do it, get it done and over with kind of man. I really like the sky line behind him. Your talent kills me! Love, Jamie

That girl said...

I love the texture of the painting and his eyes... what's your medium? oil? acrylic?