Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Slacker on St. Pattys Day

Ah yes, the infamous slacker mode. I have a painting half completed on my easel.

Another one half completed on my windowsill

and another half completed one hanging on the wall by my easel.

How do you get yourself out of your daily routine and back into making your art/craft/love a daily routine?

Is it becuase I was so happy with my last painting that I'm worried I'm goign to screw these up? Am I using the size of the canvas as an excuse (the mason jar is 30 by 30)? How do you give yourself a kick in the arse?


ErinB said...

I think you have to be pretty flexible to give yourself a kick in the arse.

Harmony said...

If you figure it out, please let me know! I know when a painting isn't going great for me, I get less excited about working on it...:(

Ronnie said...

Seems to be the theme this week. Lisa Gatz wrote a step by step lesson on her blog about just this thing.
Good Luck, Julie
They all look finish worthy to me!

Anonymous said...

oh my god i love the mason jar. maybe more than the keys i bought. you better make prints of that.

Anonymous said...