Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sappy Cheese Alert

I would just like to take this post to thank you... yes, YOU. Every blog reader, mailing list subscriber, every customer who has ever bought anything from me, my friends and my family... for all the support and encouragement through my artistic endeavors.

Some of you know how frighting and exciting your own art can be... and we're not always confident or sure of ourselves in the art world. Because of this, I believe that I would not be on this really fantastic journey without each and everyone of you.

Some people might look a where I am right now and say "ok so you've sold some stuff on etsy and been in a couple really nice galleries....big deal, right?" well - like many artists - there was a point in my life where I questioned if this would be achievable.

So thank you, constant supporter, for all your wonderful comments, feedback, and support. You've allowed me to look past what I thought would be hurdles, and allowed me to put things back into perspective...because after all, art is what you want it to be...and I want it to be enjoyable, sweet, thought provoking...and most of all, fun.

Thank you for making this fun for me!


Sherry said...

Love you right back, Julie.

Sara Winters said...

My mother always said "If you enjoy what you do, you will succeed."

I love your post.

Kerri Settle said...

Julie, your work is beautiful and I always enjoy getting to see what you're creating. I'm glad us artists have a nice online support system!