Sunday, June 07, 2009

cotton sucks

Remind me to never buy cotton canvas again.

A while back I splurged and bought some linen canvas...and after I found how well the acrylics flowed on it, I never looked back. Every now and then I'll get some cotton canvases just to do quick still life's...or if there is a size not in the linen that I'm looking for. (Linen is quite a bit more expensive that cotton.)

Well, right now I'm doing one of the button paintings on the 6 by 12 cotton canvas and I'm about ready throw it out the window. The cotton sucks up the pigment and water like you wouldn't believe. I got so used to the way the linen responded that working on the cotton is extremely frustrating.

Hopefully these will come out OK. will post progress pics later.


Sara Winters said...

Interesting- I didn't know there was that big of a difference. I have not painted on linen... yet. Honestly, I'm afraid I will like it so much I will end up blowing all my art supply allowance on linen. I may have to go ahead and take the plunge, though.

Julie Beck said...

once you go linen, you never go back...