Monday, June 01, 2009

So many ideas...not enough time.

Last night I started like 800 paintings....OK more like 9...and continued working on 5 others. Who decided it would be a good idea to have this many going on at once?

I realized I have under 2 weeks to get stuff ready for the Providence Arts my overly optimistic self was like "HEY I need to get a lot of paintings done because I'll probably sell them all!" and then I'll go and nothing will sell. But that will be OK because about 8 other of my Arts In RI members will be there with me so at least we'll have fun!

Yesterday I stocked up on normal 8 by 24 or 8 by 16 canvases are apparently not being sold in the store anymore...and after almost having a panic attack, I found some new deep canvases that were 4 by 5 and 6 by 12. new sizes, new ideas!

Fresh spankin new canvases always get me excited and motived, so when I got home I ripped all the plastic off most of them and that sat there overwhelmed. I have buttons I want to use, vintage paper I want to incorporate, and a lack of Chubby vintage photos to paint. Plus my grandmas painting, the pilot painting, the large mason jar, a custom order, and a pink/yellow/orange three trees all staring at me unfinished.

The result? I covered about 8 canvases with a solid color (which is how I start most paintings):

And then I started this one...a 20 by 20 monster of a painting:

hmmm. am I in too deep? taking on too much?

Eh...oh well...they'll all get done eventually. My priorities are the smaller ones, because those are the ones I'll be bringing to the Providence Arts Fest.


HanamiGallery said...

you can do it!!!!

Jamie said...

It will be a frantic, fun, fulfilling time sweetie! Love, Jamie