Friday, July 31, 2009

New Still Life Painting

I painted for about 16 hours yesterday. It was a marathon of sorts but I hadn't painted in a while so it felt really good. By the end my back hurt, my fingers were soggy from water dripping off the painting brush, and my eyes were tired...but it was worth it. I started one new painting, but also completed another small still life.

This one is 5 inches by 7 inches and was done for my Arts In, RI creative challenge. I chose the theme "Harmony" in tribute to one of our founding members who up and moved to CT last year (Boooo! We miss her!). I decided that since I just got done with helping my sister prepare for a year in Guatemala, and she had given me a harmonic for christmas, I would use that in a painting. However, I found that a harmonica all by itself is quite boring and not very interesting. Solution? Add some vivid deep red cherries for balance and to add interest to the reflection on the harmonica!

The color looks super yellow since I was using a standard light bulb when i took the picture, but the background is my usual olivey greenish yellow.

So now I need your help!
I need a title for it, which do you like best (or do you have another suggestion)?

"unsingable name"
"in harmony"
"how sweet you are"


Kerri Settle said...

16 hours! Even on a good day I can't manage to paint for that long. I like "In Harmony" as a title.

Julie Beck said...

its one of those things that just kind of happens. the day slips by. i take lots of breaks in between to check email, get snacks, etc...but the painting always calls to me back until im happy with a stopping point

LilithEvy said...

Definitly How Sweet You Are!!! Beautiful paint!

Julie Beck said...

My grandfather actually suggested Tootie Fruitie! I think that might be the best title I've ever heard!!!

-Don said...

Great painiting...I had several title ideas until I read "Tootie Fruitie". I think that one's too perfect to contend with.

Victor Petrov said...

Hm, at first I thought the harmonica was a Nokia phone :) but then I read your post.