Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Creative Habit: Day 2

OK not exactly what I planned in terms of the creative habit, but yes... I got painting done. It was a slow start. I did the steps... but in a slow format. And I checked my email before I started which delayed my start like an hour.

DISTRACTIONS ARE BAD!!! Painted, then checked email and internets... painted, then got some snacks. The usual.... BUT I did get some stuff done.

1. I finished the small glass of scotch which was originally only supposed to take one session.

2. I put drawings down on 2 more canvases... one 12 by 12 and one 24 y 24 (woah thats big!). I know I have like 4 or 5 still unfinished but I'm not inspired by those at the moment. Stapler product shot courtesy of SugarPush

3. I made progress on 2 smaller 3 trees paintings (8 by 8 and 5 by 5) both very colorful.

All in all a productive day I guess.

1 comment:

-Don said...

Productive day, indeed. Congrats on a day well spent.