Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Creative Habit: Day 7/8

Before we get into actual paintings... I opened a Big Cartel shop HERE. I'm trying to take the next step and take control of my own shop and see how it goes. My Etsy Shop is still active and in effect, but I am trying out this other one for now as well... I'd love your feedback on it.

The past 2 days haven't really been anything of a habit, but more of a marathon painting session. Tim is away on a business trip so I have less of a tendency to walk away from my easel. I think the creative habit is still working though. Immersing myself in books about art and artists and creative people... as well as talking with and looking up to other artists is a good step towards where I want to be. I do, however, want to really get a "habit" going.

Yesterday I finished 2 paintings... in the same day. This might be a christmas miracle.


Sherry said...

We were just talking about the painting you did for us last night. My husband said how cool it would be if you could be like one of those itinerant painters of the '40's that painted people's homes. My neighbor actually had one done of her home over 50 years ago.


Love the BC shop. Clean and elegant.

jen said...

Julie, I had so much fun perusing your blog/work last night after you left a comment on rookiepainter. I would LOVE it if you found time to participate and share your work there - And I'm really digging the airplane paintings, too; they're awesome!

ErinB said...

you are amazing as usual...and I love the new shop!