Friday, June 11, 2010

My new ritual

I started reading this book called the Creative Habit. And I'm only like 10 pages in, but I'm already excited about it. From what I have read so far, it's how you have to start a ritual... like a series of things you do to be creative and get things done. The author (who is a choreographer) notes how her ritual is getting up, getting ready for the gym and hailing a cab, telling the cab to take her to the gym. That it's. That's her "ritual" because once she's in the cab and on her way she's already started her path to be creative. The ritual isn't the working out and the ritual isn't the choreography. It's the steps that lead her up to the jumping off point and one step over the diving board. So she HAS to follow through.

My biggest problem is that I dont get motivated and I don't paint enough...and i think its becuase i just "do it whenever i feel like." I have this great opportunity to work painting into my daily schedule... being a freelancer and all. And im just letting it go to waste. I feel guilty for that. I feel like the past year has been a waste in that way.Here is a peak into what will hopefully become my new ritual

1. wake up at 7:30
2. Breakfast - write in journal about ideas, inspiration, sketches, etc
3. Walk zoey
4. turn on music

This will be my ritual for weekdays from now on. So this starts on Monday. Plus my parents are visiting me this weekend so I know I won't get anything else done. Anyone else want to start their own ritual and we can be accountable to each other?


Lauren Maurer said...

I need a ritual.... I have a p art time job and when I get home (around 3:00ish) I need a little something like this to get me started! I'm going to get a copy of this, is it similar to The Artist's Way?

Harmony said...

Um, I'm totally going to get this book - sounds great! I did the Artist's Way about 5 years ago, which sounds like a similar idea...I definitely need to create a ritual for my painting too - I am such a slacker!