Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Painting in Progress: Flower

I don't normally do flowers... they're not really my "thing". But over at Rookie Painter, the next challenge is a photo of a flower. Some people have actually already submitted an painting! It has to be submitted by the 9th which is right before I leave for Guatemala to visit my sister.

This canvas started out as a landscape that I started in my "maritime painting" class. I kept trying to do more and more and I kept hating it. So I took purple/magenta and painted over the entire thing. Don't ask... i don't know why I do such silly things.

I decided to do this flower painting in the same manner that a teacher I took a class from a while back at RISD CE taught me. It's not my normal process really but I'm giving it another whirl. The process is: paint one solid color or gradient as the background. Then paint the painting in tones of white, and then use washes and colors on top. Here is the first major session:

The background took 2 sessions on top of the white painting.


Amanda Russian said...

I like this Julie...looking pretty good to me...can't wait to see it finished.

dining set said...

Julie, I can see that you are a true painter. You are almost done in your painting and I can almost see the finish product of your hard work.