Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Painting in Progress: High and Dry

This is another photo that was used in a past Rookie Painter challenge. I'm too late for that submission but I liked the colors. However, I always take on painting glass thinking this time it will be easier. Hind sight is not always 20/20 with things like this... I always ending up thinking "oh that wasn't so bad..." And then here I am, frustrated with painting this.

The color of the clothes pins is also a challenge. Hopefully tomorrow I can finish this... today, freelance work beckons me.

2 progress shots:

Original photo here (obviously cropped and increased saturation on my end):

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Chelsie Brady said...

I have just spent probably 2 hours perusing your blog, site, etsy shop, and everything else that has your name on it. I am a big fan, not only of your paintings, which I love!, but of your sense of humor and witty writ as well. Thanks for entertaining me and inspiring me artistically. :)