Monday, December 13, 2010

Completed Painting: Coal Car

Finally finished this one. Last week was the week of productivity. On thursday I wanted to finish this one and with another Christmas mircale... here it is. Today I varnished this one, Drunk on the Train to Boston, and another top-secret painting.

Varnishing can make or break a painting and as many of you other artists know, is probably the most stressfull point in a painting. Maybe I should do a blog post about my technique... not that it's fail rpoff but I've had a lot of errors in the trial-and-error process to know what to avoid.


Jeb said...

I would love to hear your varnish technique. The train car looks great! I'm a sucker for trains

permanent magenta said...

I love it!! such a gem. I am too lazy to varnish but I would love to hear your technique.