Thursday, December 16, 2010

For all you painters...

I use and abuse my paint brushes. I don't clean them well, I don't use soap, I submerge them in water and then forget about them. And then I wonder... why do my paintbrushes suck?!?!?

So last week, with a suggestion from one of the teachers at the academy, I went through and purged all the gnarly crusty old brushes and replaced them with brand spanking new brushes. LONG HANDLE brushes too... which I normally don't.

My default is about a 4 Round brush... so I got a couple extra 4 rounds, but I also got some filberts and flats and a couple angles (angles are also a staple of mine). WHAT A DIFFERENCE THEY MAKE!!! I swear I am going to take better care of these!!

I used me old brushes as props for my booth:


Harmony said...

Best tip I have learned to keep your brushes in good shape - dip the tips in boiling water and then gently roll them on a paper towel to get the tips pointy again. I have been using the same brushes for years doing this!

Kristina said...

I'm awful at caring for brushes too :( I love your new ones though! And, conveniently green for the holiday season!