Thursday, January 06, 2011

2011 here we come!

For most people 2011 started on the 1st. For me, since my annual family vaca was moved to this week, tomorrow is my official start to 2011.

Renewal, re centering, refocusing. 2010 was a difficult but was also a year of drastic changes. As many people struggled with the economy, I believe it also offers us a wake up call to what we really need in our lives. We need each other, and the support friends and family. With all the negativity that can surround us on a daily basis, it is sometimes hard to see but also necessary to try and view the positive side.

A large positive force became more of a priority for me... and that was painting. So for 2011, my biggest goal is to

Find a more defined voice for my paintings.

What the heck does that even MEAN!?!?!?

I had a great discussion over dinner with one of my drawing instructors and some friends about what it means to have a defined voice. In a way, a "defined voice" means consistency of theme/topic/message/visual identifiers/etc. That there are possible "series" or a constant visual fingerprint.

I don't think there is a consistent theme to a lot of my work. I find things and they "OOH that's cool!" or a picture and think "OOH I like that." However that makes for a very ADD-inspired body of work. A stapler, some lemons, an old photo, a plane. No consistency. I think the visual fingerprint I am close with, I know what I love... high contrast, vibrant colors, sharp lines.

But how do I develop a defined voice? How does a person get on a trail of ideas in stead of idea-hopping? Or is idea hopping how you find the trail? I CAN'T FIND MY TRAIL!!!! I have a list of ideas on a whiteboard at my house, but they all seem kind of random in a way.

Any suggestions? how did you find your trail? do you have a trail? do I NEED a trail? should it be the Oregon Trail where someone dies of dysentery or we lose an ox fording the river? That would suck if I had to lose an ox.

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Micci said...

Love your blog! So enjoyed reading
it today and will be back for more!
Your art is beautiful and can't wait to see more- Happy New year painting!
Micci Cohan