Monday, January 17, 2011

Painting in Progress: Commission 3

The details of this paintings are going to be a long and hard road... the train is the most complex part, obviously. After exaggerating the space of the background, I continued working on the train colors as well as working in some brush strokes for texture. Nothing is just a flat solid color in real life or in the photo, so I am using the texture of the wood and gesso as well as a couple different brushes to add variety. I use dry brushing, but mostly I like to use the "put on then wipe away with a finger" technique... it's very technical... and is probably not a good technique with oils due to the toxicity.

Right now, I am glad to have this painting to work on because I am still have the internal struggle/discussion with myself and others about finding a voice. And this painting by itself has a sense of purpose... which allows me to step outside my own personal statement.

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