Monday, February 21, 2011

My 4 year degree put to good use.

I graduated from Roger Williams University in 2002 with a degree in Mathematics. While I did get a full scholarship, I still had to pay room and board and books and booze, so it wasn't free. I always felt the main things I got in return were my friends, meeting my super cool dude, and the introduction to Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

However, today, I now realize I received much more. Today, I put those 4 years of honors classes, all night studying, and group projects, which somehow always turned into a party, to good use.

I fixed my easel for less than $7.

Behold the wonder that is my solution to the ever-traveling-easel-that-slides-all-over-the-floor-when-I-rest-my-feet-on-it.

Thank you, Mr. Roger Williams. You not only did something in history that was important for some reason, but the school that made this all possible is named after you. For that, I am ever grateful.

This solution uses zip ties and that rubbery non-slip stuff you usually put in drawers. Brilliant... yes, I know.

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