Monday, November 05, 2012

Best Custom Unique Gift Ideas Ever

I have a lot of people who are extremely hard to buy for, so every year I go through an endless search for the perfect gift for these "hard to buy for" people. They include people who have enough money to buy anything they want and people who never tell you what they actually would like.

So I've decided to make a list of all of the gift ideas that have blown people's minds over the years, so hopefully this will make your gift giving holidays easier and you get to be known as "that person who gives the most creative gifts ever."

Custom Wine Charms of People
Have a friend or couple that entertains a lot of the same people? Or if there one large family or group that always get's together? Have custom wine charms made of the people's faces! I had these made for my parents... faces included my Aunts, my Uncles, their friends, and ourselves. They were absolutely floored and they made a big splash the next time there was a huge get-together. I'm not sure if this vendor still does them, but I'm sure there are plenty of people on Etsy who will do this.

Custom Key Hooks
Know someone who recently moved, or has location-love (someone who LOVES where they live). Get them a key hook/leash hook in the shape of the state they live in.I have one of Massachusetts and it's amazing!

Custom Fingerless Gloves with Flaps
I cannot say enough about Deb's gloves. They are the greatest gloves ever and they are CUSTOM made to fit your hands. I got the ones with Alpaca hair and after 3 years of use, they are still like brand new.

Custom Travel/Map Journal
Know someone who travels a lot? Or another person with location-love? Kristin makes hand-made map journals. She will work with you to make the perfect gift for that special someone.

Custom Necklace
More location-love. This artist makes necklaces with hearts in custom locations. Tell her what state/country and location you want the heart.

Custom and Not Custom Awesome Things
I've ordered many things from BaconSquareFarm. They're all top notch. Custom Dog-feeders, birdhouses, hooks, EVERYTHING. Shabby chic and rustic. Love them!

Hollow Books
They're cool! And you can get a title that would be funny for the gift recipient. I have a bunch of these and love them.

Do you have any good links to add to this list? If you do, please leave them in the comments and I'll do another post with your link as well as a credit to your site!!!

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