Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why I love the Academy of Realist Art Boston

There is an interesting group on Facebook now called the Atelier Movement. Someone recently put up a side by side comparison of what level he was at after 3 years of college, versus 3 months at an atelier. The difference was night and day. I had my own "Before and After" set up to post recently but never went through, wondering if it was worth it to show my really early horrible horrible work.

I think it's worthwhile, because it shows the benefit of what atelier training (like the Academy of Realist Art, Boston) can offer. It may not be for everyone but I struggled for a very long time on my own and I hit a wall in terms of development. I knew I wanted to be a realistic painter, but none of the college classes (even CE classes at RISD) were giving me actual training.

I will continue to preach the gospel of atelier training for those who really want to improve their technical skills. Do with them what you will (many go on to do imaginative, abstract, impressionistic work) but you'll never be disappointed that you learned the in depth technical skills that today's ateliers are teaching.

Behold! The awkwardness of my early years of painting:


k s stitt said...

Definitely will hop off the check out that blog. And your work has taken off to soar on a new level.

Nicki said...

Julie, this is an inspiring blog post. An atelier has recently opened in my city in Canada. I decided to start at the beginning, as if I knew nothing and I can see that the growth will be enormous. Unfortunately I can only do it on a part-time basis, but at least this method of training is accessible to me now. I love realism, always have, but it may not be the way I paint in the end. I am certain, however, that the training I receive will be applicable to any genre.

suzanneberry said...

AMAZING!! i have been shaken to my core whenever i visit your blog Julie. i want to paint and draw like you when i grow up. and clearly i need to get me to an atelier! i'm blown away by your work and this comparison is startling. i've been struggling all of my life and it's because i've had very little instruction. i finally think i might progress and blast through the wall if i take your advice. thank you for this inspiring boost and thank you too for your kind words.