Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Roadside Attraction (done for MeetUp group theme)

The year after I graduated college, my friend Caitlin and I used to go on mini-road trips on Sunday mornings and try to get lost...which is impossible in New England. The first trip we went on, we found this little flea market in the middle of nowhere...and sitting on a shelf amidst the rest of the clutter...was Little Baby Jesus. For some reason we found him hysterical and LBJ became one of the biggest parts of our lives for about 2 years.

We would bring him on all our trips...photograph him places, our friends would hide him in our apartments. LBJ...aka little baby jesus, or lyndon b johnson, or whatever was the defining item from these road trips. To this day...I wish every sunday was open for another one of those drives.

We came across many roadside attractions along the way...but the best experience of them all was just having me, Caitlin, LBJ, and the open road.

Oh and I pretty much hate how this painting turned out...if I had more time I'd change a lot of it, but we leave for Rochester on thursday and the meetup is the day after we get back from our trip...so there is no time to change anything about it. Damn it...

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caitygue said...

you'll need to work in this anyways...his legs are black from the fish tank, remember? he's stil living in my consol sans cardboard manger. i love this painting!