Friday, September 07, 2007

Wednesday night I decided to start a completely new painting. I finished the wheat field in record time (Thanks to some wine and Harmony's inspiration....ok maybe a combination of inspiration and some good old fashioned guilt...her and her damn one-a-day paintings making me look bad!!!!!) Since I am horrible at trees and grass I decided to stick to things I'm halfway decent at....inanimate objects! woohoo!

I got these keys at an army navy shop...5 bucks...and they're pretty cool. so far i spent 2 sessions on it and I'm pretty psyched about it. i don't think I'm going to spend hours perfecting them or anything...this was supposed to be a "looser" painting where i didn't care too much about details. maybe one more sessions and im done.

I also decided to post a picture of my ghetto painting set up....since I figured any other artist out there would get a kick out of it. notice the student grade so cheap.

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Punkinhead said...

good grief! If you're able to make those lovely paintings with paint from Hobby Lobby, you're giving me hope!! :)