Sunday, February 22, 2009

Progress Shots for This Bitter Long Day

I have a ton of progress shots ready...I will post them each in their own post.
This Bitter Long Day is now on session 4.

Session 3 Progress:

Session 4 Progress:

Working with acrylics requires a lot of layering. Using thinner washes of color allows me to play with the color more. A lot people say to me "what are you crazy? you painted over the whole thing, and then painted more, and then painted over it again!" I realize on photos and videos it looks drastic, but trust me...I'm not doing anything super crazy.

I mostly worked on the container the man is holding and his coat. I know what color I want the coat to be (see session 3) but I needed to get the texture in first.


Ronnie said...

You've got MY attention!

alamodestuff said...

My eyes hurt just thinking about it. I'd love to see you paint, in person, one day.