Monday, April 27, 2009

Pilot Painting

I started 4 paintings today...2 custom home paintings, and 2 new Chubby series. The Chubby series is based on vintage photos. Some of the most interesting photos have come from a friend on Etsy...

He has an incredible selection and some of the most interesting photos. Recently, I purchased these photos because I've been wanting to do a fighter pilot type of painting.

I started out by painting the whole canvas a pea-soup green. Not sure why, but I think it may make the sky look cool. Here is how the painting is starting out. I plan to add a whole sky-scape of clouds behind the stripe. I actually got 2 short painting sessions in today!


Session 2:


Lexy. said...

I love how you can see just the edge of one the dice in your painting - it's very intriguing!!

You have a very cool style. Love how you have the 'stripe' areas. It looks like it's going to be good!!

Dr Zibbs said...

Hey - you're good!