Friday, April 24, 2009

Why I do what I do

Every artist...wait, I take that back...EVERYONE should read this interview:

This passage in particular is where I got my mantra from...I actually was speechless the first time I read this because it validated everything I felt growing up instead of just chalking it up to rebellious artistic teenage angst.

"What AFWFA is preaching is that we should accept robots and let them take over all these boring-ass jobs because it's going to liberate humans from doing all the stuff that we were never designed to be doing in the first place. The first story I wrote was called "Horse Power." It used the model of the workhorse on the farm -- the horse was a strong horse, and he pulled a carriage into the town so the kids could get candy and he pulled the plow in the field so they could farm and he did all these things that made him feel really important, a contributing factor to this mechanism. And then, the farmer buys this tractor. The tractor can do his job better than the horse and can do his job faster than him and can do ten times what he can do. So this horse gets really depressed and goes out looking for a farm that will employ him, because he's a workhorse, because his brain is so convinced that that's what his role in life is, to plow the fields and take trips to town. Finally he has this discovery that it isn't natural for a horse to be on a farm with a saddle on it doing all this work. That's not natural. There's no such thing as a workhorse. "

Read it. Love it. Live it.


Sara Winters said...

DUDE!! I am so totally hooked! That was one of the best interviews I have ever read. The man is a genius!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Ronnie said...

I've pasted this into an email to myself. Can't wait to read it.