Tuesday, June 09, 2009

help me choose a title

The Painting of my Grandmother is DONE!!!

Now I just need a title.

My only ideas are:

Three Honest Words
Hand Me Down

The Happiness I've Known
The Line That Runs Through Us
A Lasting Impression

I need your suggestions! And I don;t want it to have the word Grandmother in it...too obvious.


noblegnome said...

For a second I thought I was looking at a portrait of you! It turned out so beautiful and classy. The first thing that came to mind was "A lasting impression" but I really love the two choices you have already. Nice work Julie!

alamodestuff said...

Julie, this painting is absolutely beautiful! I suggest simply calling it "beauty."

Julie Beck said...

o maybe "beauty is more than skin deep"

Julie Beck said...

maybe something with the word "line in it, becuase there are a lot of lines in it, as well is a lineage of my family.

-Don said...

Hi Julie, This is beautiful. The composition is excellent. When you mentioned the word "line" I thought of Johnny Cash's song "I Walk the Line". There is a line that includes 'happiness I've known' which has a nice ring to it.

LilithEvy said...

Why you didn't call it with the name of your grandmother??

Julie Beck said...

"The happiness I've known" i like that! or
"the line that runs through us"

keep the suggestions coming!

(i dont like the word grandmother in it because its too obvious. not poetic enough for me...i like play on words)

Tracy said...

The second I saw it I thought of a stroll on deck..... Is she even on a deck!?

It's beautiful.... you amaze me!

ErinB said...

i like "the happiness i've known"...when i first read don's post i thought he was going to suggest the lyric of the same song, "the ties that bind" - which would work as well

a.e. said...

How about these:

Depth of Field

Down the Line