Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my life just got a whole lot easier!

OK so this is going to be a really lame post but as someone who has been working in photoshop for about 8 years now, I just discovered something that would have been valueable day 1 when I started listing stuff on etsy. For those of you who don't know, when you take a photo there can be a bit of lens distortion in the final pic...depending on how close you are to the thing, the angle you take it at etc.

Well normally, I have to take my pics at a slight angle in order to reduce glare from my lights and to get the lighting right...kind of a result of my ghetto set up. Plus the curvature of the egdes from the lens distortion. I have ALWAYS been using the Distort - Lens Correction feature in photoshop to adjust the bowing of the edges of the painting. Then I go in and use Transform - Distort to get it square and straight and rotate.

Just yesterday, while I was in Lens Correction, happened to glance down past the Lens Correction sliders...AND THERE WERE THREE TRANSFORM FUNCTIONS!!!

Rotate! Hortizontal AND vertical perspective correction! HOLY CRAP WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!!

Here is the difference:


So happy!


Jamie said...

This is a phenomenal painting Julie!! It looks like you can reach out and pull the thread from the needle!! LOVE IT! Love, Jamie

-Don said...

When I shoot my paintings I always do it at a slight angle the way you do. However, I've never used Lens Correction - which is a good idea.

I copy/paste my photo into a Photoshop document that is the size of the original painting at 300dpi, hit Control + T (Free Transform), and then hold the Control button down as I pull each corner to the edge of the document. It's easier to show someone than tell them, but it works pretty well for me.

Oh yeah, great painting! I didn't even realize it was a painting at first. I thought it was mixed media with found objects...very 3D. Great job.


John Hlavinka said...

excellent work :)

Julie Beck said...

Don -that what i used to do as well...the nice thing about lens correct is that it adjusts the image within as well to correct for the distortion. It gives you a grid on top fo your image so you can fine tune it. I HIGHLY recommend it!!! maybe should do a tutorial post for it?

-Don said...

Hey Julie, I tried the Lens Correction recently and must thank you for this upgrade to my process. I now start with my original transform process and fine tune with the Lens Correction. It works wonders! Thanks again. -Don