Monday, August 17, 2009

being an adult

I think the day you are excited about getting new stools, is the day you're officially a lame adult.

I am ok with this... because I like my new stools. we just had our cabinets redone and i think they match perfectly.

We used to have 30 inch cherry wood stools from Bed Bath and Beyond. and the only reason we did, was because my husband never actual believes that I have any sense of reality. We had the discussion in the store when we bought the house 3 years ago about if we should get the 30 inch or the 24 inch. he, of course, insisted we get the 30 inch and insists that I just said 24 to be a pain in his butt. so we get the 30 inch. and no one uses them in 3 years fact, they were TOO HIGH.

this is a "I told you so" 3 years in the making.


tracy said...

Julie... this looks fantastic!!!!
Did you ever give Wendy those other stools!??

ErinB said...

I like the kick ass plant in the picture...whoever owns that thing must be a pretty sweet piece of work.