Saturday, August 15, 2009

this painting is annoying

this painting is taking way longer than i was hoping. I'm not sure if it's because of the colors that are being stubborn, or just the fact that it's a pretty detailed item. the glass, the numbers, etc all make it very difficult... whereas with the cherries or fruits or whatever...they're pretty forgiving in terms of proportions and such.

the face im leaving for last because it'll be the hardest part. this was one of the paintings I was in a fight with, but we're slowly making amends. it is very frustrating to have a session on a painting but feel like I accomplished nothing. this is where I am after AT LEAST 4 or 5 decent sessions on it. i think im happy with the wooden crate it's on, and the color of the background...and partially happy with the back of the clock and the base.


Sherry said...

I do think it's interesting how so many artists fight with thier work.

I like the depth of the piece very much.

I have a small coner of my studio for frustrating design. Sometimes I'll walk past a new piece and tinker with the design for weeks.

-Don said...

Julie, this painting is coming along quite nicely. I can appreciate the desire to pick fights with your work...but, the way I see it (and feel it every time I paint a challenging piece), you're actually fighting with yourself, challenging yourself, questioning yourself, all while putting off getting back to your difficult "child". But, once you get back to it you realize there was no question you can finish it and finish it well. Then when you're finished it makes it all the sweeter that it wasn't easy...that you had to "earn" it...and that you finally kicked it's freakin' a**!I think every good artist goes thru this struggle. Keep up the excellent work!