Wednesday, August 12, 2009

living in my own world

there are days that I get angry with my paintings. It's like they are sitting over there unfinished MOCKING ME.


and when things make me feel bad, I get bitter about it. So I get in a fight with them and I say "well...fine then, maybe I won't work on you AT ALL this week. See? let's see how you like it THEN! HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME FEEL BAD!"

I also enjoy taunting them by picking up new canvases unwrapping them and doing small fast paintings... because then it makes those unfinished paintings feel jealous. eventually i start to feel pity for them, and only then will I return to make them feel better and work on them again. sometimes it takes a while to make up. a couple hesitant brush strokes here...or some new color there...but in the end, we eventually make up and and when it' done it'll be like we never had a fight.

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