Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am discontinuing my prints... why? Because if you knew how much it cost for me to get these done (they are archival, professionally printed, on ridiculously good paper) and you know how much most prints are going for on Etsy which I have to compete with, you would wonder why i didn't stop sooner. I make zilch of them. Too much overhead, not enough demand. SIMPLE ECONOMICS, PEOPLE! At least I think so... I didn't pay attention in my high school economics class.

Either way, the supply I have left I'm selling at cost just to get them out of my hands before I (hopefully) move. Please spread the word and scoop up the prints you want before they're gone. I have 1 skeleton key print left, 3 apples, 2 barnacles, 10 The Lands, and like 20 Pale Earths (which is why they're the cheapest). Tell your friends, spread the word, get them out of my house!!!

Also, until I move, free shipping on all original paintings (valid in the US only- but international will get discounted shipping)

Clearance section can be found here.


David Burns Smith said...

And I was actually thinking about offering prints from my new series of paintings. Good luck on the clearance!

Julie Beck said...

some people do really well with prints... and other people also use cheaper methods of creating the prints... it's just not for everyone. just make sure you look into the costs and what you would have to charge to make it worth your while.