Monday, March 15, 2010

fashion is not my forte: help!

I have this dress that I love. My mother bought it for me in 1999 for like 50 bucks in Toronto. I have since worn it in Paris and on a cruise around Italy. It's like the magic always fits, it always look phenomenal and I DON'T NEED TO WEAR A BRA! For those of you that have seen me in real life... this is a miracle of sorts. I am a giant, and most parts of me follow my gigantacism.

I have 3 weddings to attend this year and I had this full length dress shortened to a tea length so I could wear it to all 3 weddings. Now here is where I need your help. WTF do I wear with this? I need a sweater or shawl or something for the wedding that is in October or if it happen to be chilly in the churches/receptions/etc. Help! Links! Suggestions! If you can't tell, it's a purple-ish color that shimmers a little bit. the straps have crystal/silver stud things on them. I don't want it to be a frumpy sweater but I don't think a super frilly thing would work either.

Here is the dress (with my mom, step father and sister):

Here are the shoes. I am a dancer... not literally, but when I go to weddings I freakin DANCE, which is why these are only moderate heels and not high heels. I will also be painting my toenails purple:


Kristina said...

i love to complement an orange hue came to mind, and it'd be so autumn!

how about something like this pashmina? details on thayer street in providence has them, and of course macy's :-)

Julie Beck said...

Kristina, I was actually considering a mustard color shawl or something but I wasn't sure that was just the painter in me loving bold colors, or if it would actually work!

ErinB said...

Definitely a big fat scarf/pashmina...And why not something kind of transparent and shimmery like the shoes? Greyish or Ivory tones i think would work too ( it sucks because i have seen about a million things here that would work. but if you want to go bold...i would more deep orange than mustard or maybe a deep green (like this: