Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Painting in Progress: Pocket Watch

I would like to just let everyone know that this painting in not a result of the whole Alice in Wonderland thing nor is it inspired by the steampunk movement. While both are very fanciful and interesting, this painting is actually part of my Talisman series, which is a series of paintings based on books I love. Stephen King books, House of Leaves, Grapes of Wrath... and this one... the one with the pocket watch... is inspired by the book Water for Elephants. It's a great read, very fast and a lighter read but well worth it. The characters are fantastic, the story-line is graceful, and the mental imagery is priceless.

This is after a second session on the painting. I am currently regretting that I used a cotton canvas for this and also that it's a rougher surface than I normally use. (That's what i get for raiding the clearance section of the art supply store). I know it doesn't look very much different than the first progress shot but I promise you at least 4 more hours have gone into this.


Kathy said...

you are the master of trompe l'oiel!

Anonymous said...

looks amazing julie, as usual! i loved Water for Elephants (your recommendation) and I love this painting!!!

suzanneberry said...

WOW!!! I want to steal each and every idea you have. Love the dress and the shoes too. Beautiful family. I'm very envious of your ability to go braless. Sorry no fashion suggestions, i live in sweats since I lost my job.