Thursday, April 29, 2010

Painting in Progress: Drunk on the Train to Chicago

I originally took this reference photo for a commissioned piece, but before I even started it the guy changed his mind and bought the Mason Jar painting from a couple months back. I liked the reference photo I took so I was holding onto it in my "Folder Of Things I may Paint One Day."

This painting is unique in that I am trying a different type of canvas. This is a linen canvas, which isn't unique, but it's a linen canvas with clear gesso. The darker background will force me to adjust colors here and there, but right off the bat, this canvas is a GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS. Remind me not use this type of canvas anymore. The acrylic paint does not like the bare surface, so technically I'm going to have to do double the work that I normally would. It's rough and is soaking up the acrylics like nobody's business.

Either way, once it's done I'm sure it'll be sharp (I'm leaving an inch of clean canvas on the edges and then will be masking in a pure white border around the image.

Also, the title... another homage to Mike Doughty and his beautiful lyrics... but ironically I went to visit my friend in Chicago a while back. And we got drunk. And went on the train. And it was fun.

After one session:

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suzanneberry said...

Coming along beautifully! Thanks for the insight on the canvas.