Monday, April 26, 2010

Painting in Progress: My Circus Train Pulls Through the Night

My circus train pulls through the night, Full of lions and trapeze artists..." - Lyrics by Mike Doughty from "American Car"

The inspiration behind this painting is the book Water for Elephants. It's a beautiful book and the pocket-watch is a small but significant icon in the story about a tag-along on a depression era traveling circus train.

The watch itself was pretty hard to paint. I started this before we moved but the greys/greens/blues are all very deceiving. The edges of the painting have made quite a few journeys... first grey, then white, then green... and are now red because I decided that I wanted to do the edges similar to the spine of the book which has a red and black stripe pattern (as shown below).

I think it will be cool once the edges are done!


SteampunkSupply said...

This came out beautiful! The level of detail is amazing! It looks JUST LIKE the original watch!

Erin said...

Very cool. I am amazed how realistic it is!

Redfish Artwork by Vickie Fisher said...

Steampunk Supply put you on facebook and now I am following you and your blog. I love your art, it is so realistic. I need to learn how to paint that way.

Julie Beck said...

Thanks Vickie, Steampunk Supply has the coolest stuff! I love getting feedback from new followers :)