Monday, April 05, 2010

so much space!

I am so excited to have a giagantic new room to paint in. And by gigantic, I mean it's a normal size room that I can actually move around in. When we moved into this apartment, there was a desk already in this room and we almost had the landlord take it out... but I thought it might be nice to have more surface area to use for drying/ packaging up shipments.

Once we got in and got settled, I noticed how amazing having this extra piece of furniture helped. Our other desk is in the dining room serving as the "opening mail and important documents" area. My painting stuff can stay out and available with all the extra space. This is clutch, especially when the desire hits me to paint... I can just pick up a brush/canvas and go instead of having to set everything up and get ready for 15 mins trying to find something.

It's not super glamourous or pretty looking but this room serves a FUNCTION. And that function is "Getting Shit Done." And yes, as you'll notice in the first picture that I still hang up different color shirts for use as a background in my still life paintings... ghetto? yes. FUNCTIONAL? absolutely.

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Sherry said...

It's sunny and the floors are lovely. There is an old Jewish custom to bring a loaf of bread and salt to a new dwelling. If no one has done that for you, do it today!