Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is that a Banana in your Pocket?

Yesterday was my first chance to paint in our new apartment. The spare room is considerably larger than our old one. This means I have more space, and more flexibility in terms of where to place my painting supplies. Unsure as to where to start on my previous paintings, I decided to try to begin one fresh and try to finish it in one sitting (which usually never works).

These bananas were the only thing sitting around that were remotely close to being able to complete in one day. And here we are! A shot partway through and then the final. Not perfect but good enough. I need to get crankin' on creating inventory for the Twist show in Northampton!

Progress shot:



Lynn Cyr said...

What a wonderful way to start in your new place!! Love the finished painting... NICE WORK!!!!!

-Don said...

"Good enough" indeed! Great job, Julie. I'm glad you're up and running in the new house. The brightness and the palette in this beauty make me think you're in a happy place...