Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Handmade Goodness!!!

A little while back I purchased a Ball Mason Jar from the etsy shop MidWest Finds. The story behind the shop and the people who run it are the sweetest people you'll ever do business with. I bought the jar and used it for a still life painting. Ever since then I've been following their blog, wanting to buy everything in their shop.

Recently they posted about how they acquired a kiln and were going to try some experiments with their "reject" jars. They popped one in the kiln, let it melt down flat... and then asked for suggestions for a potential use of a flat blue mason jar.

Now I have been on the hunt for a nice spoon rest for our new apartment. The one downside to an apartment is that you don't always get every option to make it "your own." So using personalized and handmade objects really makes it feel like more of a home to me. My immediate response to these flat mason jars was SPOON REST! I know... it seems trivial, but I like to buy handmade for anything possible.

To my surprise and delight, a package showed up on my doorstep from Jena with this perfect (no pun intended) flat mason jar.

Ironically I was wearing an aqua blue tank top when taking this picture. I didn't realize you could see me in the reflection until I uploaded this! Look at how adorable this is in my kitchen underneath my blue and red painting!

MidWest Finds blog


Sherry said...

I love every single thing about this story, from the jar, to the kindness, to your reflection!


Jena said...

Wow! It looks so good in your kitchen! Thanks for all the encouragement. :)

Jena said...

blogged backatcha :)