Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Etsy Purchase: Hanami Gallery

There is actually a funny story behind this headband. Sarah from Hanami Gallery in Rhode Island makes these amazing hair pieces from tiny hand-dyed squares of silk. I had her make me one to match my current love-affair with crimson and violet. It also happen to match the dress I'm wearing to 4 weddings this year.

So she worked her little hands off and made me one. I was so happy and wore it a couple times ...and then couldn't find it. One day I open my dryer to find a million tiny squares of silk mixed into the clothes. Somehow this beautiful handmade headband went though the wash. I was mortified!!!!!

I crawled sheepishly back to Sarah and told her what happened. After we both had a good laugh, she made me another one. Here it is making it's grand appearance at my brother-in-laws wedding. I got so many compliments on it! She also uses very comfortable headbands. It won't squeeze your head and leave you with a headache.... however it does stay in place quite well.

Visit her etsy shop to see what amazing pieces she has currently in stock or custom order your own. so perfect to dress up any summer outfit!

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