Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Completed Painting: Drunk on the Train to Chicago

At 11:00 PM I decide to make more progress on this painting. I am a night owl. I get more painting done at night. there are times that I think I should just sleep during the day and that way I'd get more painting done.... but I'm sure my day-job would not be happy about that. So when I should have been getting ready for bed, I just taped off the border:
Here it is after I take off the tape. Like I thought, I had to use thick white paint in order for it not to creep under the painters tape. That was a pain in the ass.

Once I cleaned up the edges (there's always SOME seepage) I let that dry overnight. This morning came, and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Usually when I end with highlights and/or line elements, I get that feeling of relief that comes with knowing only one more session is needed. Sometimes I am stupid, and I do highlights and line elements mid-process. (No one ever said my process was a good one!)

And voila! After a little drop-shadow work and touching up the white border, we have a completed painting:

I do plan on have a couple prints made for people who have already requested them (entire image including the linen border). If you are interested in purchasing a print of this as well, please contact me to pre-order. ioLabs also offers the option to print on wood or aluminum which might be super cool (for wood or aluminum it would not include the linen border, just the image... so you'd have a wood grain border, or an aluminum border instead of the linen) .

I am doing only one run of these and if you don't have an order in before I go have them made, you snooze you lose. Or you could just buy the original which will be in my Etsy shop but will be significantly more expensive than a print.

Email: by the end of next week if interested. Thanks!


suzanneberry said...

Stunning as always!

alamodestuff said...

Wow, Julie! It's amazing! I love the border, too. I envy your talent!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

This looks great, Julie! I think I could use one of these about now!