Friday, October 29, 2010

Painting in Progress:: Drunk on the Train to Boston

This painting is a commission. The very nice woman who bought "Drunk on the Train to Chicago" was looking for a companion painting, since she wanted to hang it as a pair.

Using an identical 12 by 12 linen canvas, I am duplicating all the aspects of the other one except using a different image for the center. We landed on a almost empty glass, with a cherry and a different background color. These are going to look SUPER sharp hanging together.

This is after about 3 painting sessions on it:

and here it is after the 4th... doesn't look too different but to me it's insanely different... that's what my new drawing classes are teaching me to notice. The top rim had to be totally redeveloped.

If you don't recall, this is the original painting it will hang with:

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