Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Art slobs unite!

I always see these blogs and features on people's workspace. And they always look so light and airy and clean and well organized... and MATCHING. All their stuff MATCHES!!!

I say ENOUGH of these unrealistic expectations! We hear all the time that we shouldn't try to be as skinny as those models in the magazine or on TV because it's not healthy... well I think that should apply to our workspaces.

BEHOLD! The Art Slobs are coming out of the closet... there is paint on the floor, painters tape all over the walls, printouts and reference photos litter every surface, I'm using an old laundry basket with gatorboard on top as table, I used a glass container my grandma sent me chex mix in for my water jar, this is a TV cart my mom gave me 6 years ago!!! This is how WORK GETS DONE (and not spend too much $$ to do it)!!

Look I even TRIED to be nice and matchy by getting these 3 brown boxes to keep paint and brushes in so I can put all the lids on and stack them. Yeah, that never happens. Also, proper lighting also required 800,000 cords to be strewn everywhere because outlets are never conveniently located anywhere you want them to be.

I invite you to do the same and show other artists and crafters out there that it's OK to let go, be their messy selves and create without worrying if all their crafting furniture came from Pottery Barn or not (although if Pottery barn wants to come over and give me this collection for free I would not turn it down). USE WHAT YOU GOT, BABY! (or whatever is free... that's a good option too)

Oh and don't act like I don't spend at least a half hour on every painting inspecting and removing any dog hair that may have made it's way onto the painting before I varnish them. This little girl likes to come visit when I'm painting:


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Kerri Wessel said...

LOVE this entry!! Art slob solidarity!