Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Need your feedback!!!

OK so I have a dilemma that I need your feedback on. I have an idea on how I want to complete this painting. However I have 3 options I am considering and can't choose between them.

For the border/background I am going to paint a map and border around the existing image. Either one I choose is going to be a pain in the ass with painting a map. I considered getting a map and attaching it to the painting but I decided on painting it in order to perfect my small brush skills, as well as authenticity. (the image inside is my painting, the white border and maps are photoshopped on for now)

Map 1 subtly hints at Route 66. It's not like you get whacked over the head with it, and the edges are classic old Rand McNally borders from their old maps. This subtly brings in the "americana" aspect of this image as well as interesting design elements.

Map 2 Is just a vintage US map, nothing specific.. it's an older map and is slightly darker so it allows the central image to stand out more

Map 3 is another map, south eastern US if I'm correct. it's more current I think with some highways noted... but nothing specific. I'm on the fence if I want something very specific on the edges becasue if I do, it can change the whole painting... since it put emphasis on either a time or place that it could isolate it's audience.


Diana said...

What about doing the style of map one with the colors of map 2?

Jeb said...

Glad you decided to go with the map idea. I like the balance and symmetry of the first one.

-Don said...

Since this painting has a 'throw back' look to it I like the idea of the older looking Rt. 66 map. But, the pattern around the edges gives it more of a decorative feel that seems to temper the gesture of the biker.