Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Portrait Progress

Currently at school, we are in the process of doing Portrait Pairs. Frank Interrante and I have teamed up. Frank is a very talented artist (check out his website at!) and I am so glad to be working with him... since he's also hysterically funny.

For half the day, I sit and model, and the other half, we switch. I now have a new respect for art models. We sit for 20 minute stretches of time and then break for 5. You would not believe how HARD it is to sit still, stare into a light, not move your face and NOT FALL ASLEEP for 20 minute stretches of time.

I do have to say though... This American Life and Radio Lab podcasts help keep the sandman away during those model sessions. Progress on Frank's portrait:

Eventually this drawing will be transferred to good paper and then refined further. This is still very "straight-liney."

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