Friday, May 27, 2011

I Heart Jeremy Geddes

Jeremy Geddes is one of my favorite painters.

He uses an astronaut in a lot of his paintings and the way he uses them is surreal and thought provoking. To me his paintings feel so open to interpretation...yet both peaceful and chaotic.

This is a recently finished one that blew my mind. It amazes me how calm this painting feels in the middle of glass shattering. Check out the details of all the glass, books on the shelf, and the subtlety of the sheets/cloth. And the light flare on the left side is so dreamy! LOVE!

Check him out!


Plumbing Sunshine Coast said...

This is a great post

suzanneberry said...

OMG!!!! i'm in love! this man is jaw droppingly good! hold me i'm frightened! thanks so much for featuring him!